The Green Dental Practice offers crown and veneer service.

Looks are important and the two treatments immeasurably help in improving looks as well as protecting teeth. These are two different ways of enhancing the looks.


A dental crown, as the name implies, is a form of metal cap designed to cover the entire tooth. It is usually put in place over a broken tooth to strengthen it. It can also be used to cover heavily filled teeth or after a patient has undergone root canal treatment. The metal crown may be covered with a layer of porcelain to mimic the look of natural teeth. The better qualities of crowns may be covered with a layer of translucent porcelain that looks like the real enamel covering of a tooth. The porcelain may be zirconium, procera, e-max or feldspathic porcelain, chosen after examination and determination of the patient’s teeth and enamel qualities. We customize crown to deliver results that give you a natural look and feel with the use of the right crown metal and porcelain layering.

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Not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth. Teeth may corrode over time. A person could have healthy but crooked, chipped or unsightly teeth that detract from the looks. Such teeth may be strong and healthy and it is only the looks that speak against them. Why let your teeth affect your looks and social interactions? We recommend veneer treatments that are painless and fast as well as affordable at The Green Dental Practice.

In cases like these we fit these teeth with thin shells made of appropriately shaded porcelain material. These are known as veneer.

The process is simple. You walk in for a consultation and our experts examine your teeth and remove a layer of enamel after which an impression is taken to prepare the mould from which the porcelain veneers will be manufactured by a dental ceramist. When the veneer is ready you visit our clinic and the veneer is glued into place after verifying the veneer colour matches your teeth. We can provide a perfect fit and match.

During the healing period we do provide our patients with a temporary solution, such as temporary bridge or denture.

For people with otherwise healthy teeth, we recommend veneer treatments because of their inherent advantages. It is less painful and cumbersome as well as cheaper to improve aesthetics of healthy teeth. Veneers will not stain due to coffee or smoking, lasting for several years and the porcelain is immune to bacteria and acids as well. More importantly, your looks dramatically improve.

Which one suits you is best decided after an initial consultation. Walk into our well appointed consulting room located in Portlethen, Aberdeen and take the first step to transforming your looks.

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